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Sylbek - Internet Technology

Sylbek - Internet Technology / Bessere Produktivität durch kontrollierten Internetzugang
Internet as a very powerful mass media that has changed the way we communicate and the way we do business.

Through Internet you can reach a very large market, economically, directly and fast, no matter the size or location of your business.

But watch out:
It does not work without Internet Access Policy,
because Surfing non work-related sites during working hours reduces productivity and wastes resources needed for your critical business applications.
About Us

Sylbek Hotspot Server - Hardware & Software Solutions
In order to solve such tasks Sylbek - Internet Technology
(founded in 2003) has the core goal to reach optimal Internet use possibly everytime and everywhere. That way we reach all the necessary flexibility.

For your employee we achieve a
better productivity through:
  • Transparent bandwidth management for each Client
  • Traffic priority for certain services, departments, personnel
  • Data security: Virus protection, Spam protection on network level
  • Logging, reports over Surf behaviour

For your guests or customers we realise an
Internet access through the Hotspot:

  • Cost effective and flexible local accounting, you determine the rates
  • Bandwidth management for each user and/or device
  • Data security: Protection from Internet, and guest data from each other
  • Prefabricated access cards with your companies Identity
  • Greeting pages with complete possibility of adaptation

Products from Shop

Firewall SBR233-FW firewall sbr233-fw usb cpu ram vpn lan pci tcp

359.00 EUR
427.21 € incl VAT

t.shaper SBR233-1U-TS
bandbreitenbegrenzung bandbreitenmanagement bandbreite begrenzung controller t.shaper sbr233-1u-ts cpu vpn tcpsb

585.00 EUR
696.15 € incl VAT

t.shaper SBR95G-TS
bandbreitenbegrenzung bandbreitenmanagement bandbreite begrenzung controller t.shaper sbr95g-ts cpu vpn

305.00 EUR
362.95 € incl VAT

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